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The Perfect World Foundation is a Scandinavian based independent non-profit organization established in 2010 to raise awareness, funding, and to take action together with animal and nature conservation projects around the world.

To be engaged with the organization you don’t need to be perfect, but have the ambition to create small changes for a better world. TPWF is the organization that will work to create successive changes through constantly working with a long list of issues that we want to be a part of solving, and add new issues to the never ending list.

The purpose of the Perfect World Foundation is to take action for, and increase awareness, knowledge, and understanding of critical environmental and animal situations. Funds are raised through supporting memberships, donations and different events all over the world.

We believe in our independence and want to connect people, companies and organizations to unite and promote awareness through events, social medias, press, TV, conferences, seminars, campaigns, dinners, etc.We want to become the platform for peoples and companies’ engagement.

Many organizations do not include the public in their conservation work, but The Perfect World Foundation welcomes anyone who wants to be involved in future conservation.

With our background in business, our aim is to keep down the administration cost, and to make sure that funding and donations are allocated toward the actual causes, awareness campaigns or animal and nature projects in need.

The Perfect World Foundation is an “independent” organization that works closely together with other “on site” organizations to assist and unite with the ambition to reach common goals and to raise awareness and funding. We want to become the voice for the speechless nature and animals.

Our engagement in environmental and nature projects is hands on, working close in cooperation with organizations, companies and technologies that have the potential to create huge change.

The Perfect World Foundation is the new generation animal and nature conservation organization, acting dynamic on a global basis to always adopt new communication methods, with our independence, to unite, and to put an end to the ongoing silent extinction of our paradise.

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