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DV Mode - The 2016 Fall issue

It's all about the fashion! High fashion, the season's it-details, style icons, new beauty trends and the best of men's fashion. Trendy and edgy, yet luxurios and glamorous. Welcome to the 2016 fall issue of DV Mode!

Dv Mode was first presented in August 2004 and has been a great success from the start. It is published two times a year; the Spring and the Fall edition. The editorial concept of DV Mode is to report exclusively on the wonderful world of fashion. It's the ultimate inspiring fashion magazine where we draw attention to the hottest details and new talents in the industry. The readers are primary women with a huge love of fashion, beauty and design who want to keep up to date on the latest trends and news from the fashion industry.

In the new fall issue, available in stores on September 6th, the readers will be treated to the season's most relevant trends and lots of inspiration, as well as interviews and stories on the international fashion arena's greatest influencers. Beauty as an editorial subject is becoming more and more popular, with hair and make up being increasingly seen as an intergral part of the catwalk experience. Whit this in mind, DV Mode will have even more beauty pages, with reports on the season's new make up trends, hot fragrances, beauty must-haves and the catwalk looks we love. As

DV Mode aims to be a complete guide to the international fashion scene every season we also think of men's fashion, accessories and jewelry as important components.

Read about this in DV Mode 2016 Fall issue:

1. The most important collections of the season.

2. Makeup trends + catwalk inspiration + beauty trends on instagram.

3. The most important men's fashion.

4. Fashion must-haves right now.