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12 Perfect Shoes That Never Go Out of Style

What if we said that you could buy one pair of shoes that will always be in style? STYLEBY's Editor-in-Chief offers the inside scoop on classic footwear favourites, that are not only super cool today but forever fashionable.

When it comes to footwear there are the must have shoes of the moment, and then there are the classics that never go out of style. The later tend to make a serious dent in your wallet but in the long run score points for everlasting wearability.  They are the kind of shoe essentials that every woman needs, and once purchased will take up coveted closet real estate for a lifetime, so there's no need to run out and buy another version. Drumroll please! Here is a complete list of every timeless shoe style for feet that are always in style.


Granny knew her stuff – this classic loafer is still going strong and will likely outlive all of us! This essential is chic when paired with basics like jeans and a white shirt as well as shorts and long pants. This is not a shoe that bodes well with too much patina, make sure to keep them shiny and well loved.

Perfect Pair: Weejuns "Penny Loafer", 1 800 SEK/195€.


The pump is the most versatile style of footwear – suitable for work, black tie events and late nights at rock clubs. Choose a heel in a height that you can manage, though ten cm is classic. Opt for a colour that matches your style. Manolos are iconic, as they are expertly made with a heel placed strategically to help achieve perfect balance. They are the best pumps on the market. We have a serious crush on the suede model in black, nude, red and midnight blue.

Perfect Pair: Manolo Blahnik "BB Pump", circa 5 700 SEK/615€.


A great pair of ankle boots can become your best friend. They are a wardrobe staple that can be used daily.  You should be able to walk a mile in these babies so go for a heel that is comfortable. The Margiela model is a true classic, super comfy with quintessential fashionable allure.

Perfect Pair: Maison Margiela "Ankle Boots", 5 930 SEK/640€.


The slipper is merely a warm weather essential –the perfect pair is lovely to wear inside during winter. We are swooning over Gucci's modern classics. Pair them with everything from shorts to evening gowns and you will still look chic.

Perfect Pair: Gucci "Princetown Slipper", 4 580 SEK/495€.


A sleek overknee boot paired with black pants or jeans offers the ultimate upbeat sexy look that everyone loves. Jimmy Choo is the expert in this area. His creations are iconic coming in sky high heels as well as low chunky versions.

Perfect Pair: Jimmy Choo ”Turner Boot”, 1295€.


The Swedish sandal experts are our go-to when it comes to summer shoes. Astrid is the perfect sandal and comes in a variety of colors. These beauties give an enormous amount of style for a tiny amount of shoe.

Perfect Pair: ATP Atelier ”Astrid”, 1 100 SEK/120€.


This classic shoe has a new twist and Maryam Nassir Zadeh knows all about that. We love her mules, so flattering and cool.

Perfect Pair: Maryam Nassir Zadeh ”Penelope Mule”, 3 170 SEK/ 340€.


The fact that Church’s is the number one brogue-provider is no surprise. While several designers have ventured into brogue territory, we just keep going back to the original when it's brogue time. Why? Because they are the best, that´s why!

Perfect Pair: Church’s "Burwood", 4 000 SEK/435€.


The sneaker biz is huge but Stan Smith's popularity persists. You can´t go wrong with them – they're super stylish, clean and go with everything. They are classic in the true sense of the word. If you're in the market for one pair of everyday sneakers, look no further – these are the ones to go for!

Perfect pair: Adidas "Stan Smith", 1 000 SEK/110€.


When it comes to slip ons, the options are endless. You could opt for a pair by Céline or Saint Laurent and the list goes on. There is no shortage of designers who've mastered this easy going shoe; but sticking with the, Vans, originals will save you money while giving you cool girl style.

Perfect Pair: Vans "Classic Slip Ons", 649 SEK/70€.


The super soft ballerina is our newest favourite in the ballerina family. And Céline makes the best ones. Bonus: they also come in a wooden heeled version, which is just as chic as the flat ones.

Perfect Pair: Céline "Soft Ballerina", 3 900 SEK/420€.


You have a pair, right? If not –you must fix that immediately and wear them with everything. Low-tops or hi-tops are both classic, choose your favorite, it doesn´t matter.

Perfect Pair: Converse "Chuck Taylor", 400 SEK/45€.

Photo of Veronica Heilbrunner Sandra Semburg