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30 Fun Questions Answered by Cover Model Julia Hafstrom

She's Swedish, she loves cheese and she's been wrapped in plastic at work – meet Julia Hafstrom!

She's the star in the Gucci Guilty Campaign together with Jared Leto, she's on Top 50 list and she is Sweden´s top model du jour. We put Julia Hafstrom, signed to model agency New Blood Agency/IMG to our 30 question attack.

1. Do you have a mantra? ”Just breathe.”

2. In what film would you be the leading lady? ”A nature movie.”

3. What´s your fragrence? ”I’m in between fragrances right now, looking for a good one.”

4. Do you have a guilty pleaure? ”I eat a lot of cheese.”

5. Favourite record? ”The music from ’The Assassination of Jesse James’ by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.”

6. Do you dream a lot? ”I think I do, but I can't remember about what.”

7. If you had a superpower – what would it be? ”Teleportation!”

8. Do you have a secret talent? ”Not really, I knit but it's not a talent just something I enjoy doing.”

9. A song that always gets ju in a good mood? ”’I never met a girl like you before’ by Edwyn Collins.”

10. Most romantic date setting? ”Anywhere with the person you like spending time with can be romantic.”

11. What is the most outrageous thing you’ve worn? ”My personal style isn't too outrageous, but I've worn crazy things at work. For an Italian Vogue shoot I once got wrapped in plastic, that was pretty wild.”

12. What is it like to see oneself in fashion magazines? ”When I started modeling it felt a bit strange but I'm used to it now. Most of the time it's just nice to see the final prints cause I never know what they're gonna end up publishing.”

13. What’s the most fantastic outfit you’ve ever worn at work? ”I did a shoot once with vintage couture dresses, that was spectacular. All so beautiful!”

14. Best location for a vacay? ”The Maldives.”

15. What would you think would be your spirit animal? ”A small bird.”

16. Favourite piece in your wardrobe? ”I have a green thin jacket that used to be a part of my grandfathers sailor uniform. It's my favorite piece of clothing.”

17. How do you have your coffee? ”Black.”

18. Who was your childhood crush? ”I can't remember.”

19. Favourite spot in Malmö? ”Malmö has a lot of parks, so whenever I go home, if the weather is nice, I like to go to the park and just sit or read.”

20. What do you remember from the shoot for STYLEBY? ”I remember everything, it was a great shoot. We shot all over NYC, it was sunny but a bit chilly at times. I feel like we got so much done in two days.”

21. Do you colour your hair? ”No I don't.”

22. Is there a particular gift you like to give? ”I like making gifts myself, like drawing a picture or something. I don't know if it's appreciated but I find I quite satisfying.”

23. Latest thing you googled?”

24. Is there a tv-series you like? ”Way too many. Some favorites are ’30 Rock’, ’Parks and Recreation’, ’Broad City’ and ’Arrested Development’. I like comedy.”

25. Smell that brings back childhood memories? ”Newly washed laundry smell, it's my favorite smell to this day.”

26. Swedish things you long for while abroad? ”I love skagenröra and good bread, it's always a treat going home having that for breakfast.”

27. Who is your ultimate icon? ”It's too difficult naming just one.”

28. Which designer do you like most as a person? ”Nicolas Ghesquière.”

29. Best thing bought vintage? ”A simple brown belt.”

30. Who is your favourite on Instagram?@humansofny is a really good one!”See our amazing fashion story with Julia Hafström here!