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30 Fun Questions to Cover Model Hayett McCarthy

Learn about the British beauty, about her hidden talents and guilty pleasures.

She´s a regular at Burberry, you’ve recently seen her in Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine and on the catwalk for super hip Vetements – and of course she’s gracing the cover of the issue of STYLEBY out now. We put Londoner Hayett McCarthy, signed to IMG London, to our 30 questions attack.

1. Do you have a mantra? ”Om nom nom googapalooza.”

2. In what film would you be the leading lady? ”I'd be a friendly anti-hero in a Ricky Gervais/Larry David kind of way.”

3. What´s your fragrence? ”My own little secret. Hint: It's got notes of almonds, my favorite.”

4. Do you have a guilty pleaure? ”Stouts and crunchie bars galore.”

5. Favourite record? ”’Forever Changes’ by Love.”

6. Do you dream a lot? ”I remember all of them and write the interresting ones down. I dreamt of this flamboyant African emperor driving a very small car (akin to a golf-cart) down the motorway at 30 MPH, he was scared of going too fast in fear of turning into a giant ant.”

7. If you had a superpower – what would it be? ”I'd switch all the smartphones off.”

8. Do you have a secret talent? ”I'm really good at guessing measurements, heights … Works best with the metric system.”

9. A song that always gets ju in a good mood? ”As of late ’Viva Las Vegas’ by The Cramps.”

10. What is your favourite meal? ”My very own recipe: Sweet potatoe & Red Leicester gratin.”

11. What is the most outrageous thing you´ve worn? ”Here in London there's no such thing as an outrageous outfit . Allthough, I recently bought a giant non edible candy cane in a charity shop and sometimes go out with it, people think I'm an utter nutter. I just love it.”

12. What is it like to see oneself in fashion magazines? ”Feels funny.”

13. Best restaurant for a first date? ”Cooking at my place.”

14. Best location for a vacay? ”France, so diverse!”

15. What would you think would be your spirit animal? ”Gerbils! They're not nocturnal like most rodents, which makes them slightly less irritating.”

16. Favourite piece in your wardrobe? ”It varies, I've been wearing my gentleman/dandy-PJ-style dressing gown a lot lately, with frilly white shirts and silk scarves.”

17. How do you have your coffee? ”Coffee hurts my eyeballs, I go for milder hot beverages like tea.”

18. Who was your childhood crush? ”Liam Gallagher.”

19. Who is your current crush? ”No!”

20. What do you remember from the shoot for STYLEBY? ”Lovely shoot , I befriended a couple of people whom I had great chats with about cinema and art. Very interresting bunch. Oh, and the photographer's cute.”

21. How often do you cut your hair? ”NEVER!!”

22. Is there a particular gift you like to give? ”Taking my friends out bowling.”

23. Latest thing you googled? ”’Pataphysics’.”

24. Is there a tv-series you like? ”’Vinyl’ at HBO by Scorsese and produced by Mick Jagger, a gem!”

25. Smell that brings back childhood memories? ”The crispy smell of a single cigarette in winter, sweet almonds, shaving foam.”

26. Have you been to Sweden? ”Many times; my ex is Swedish.”

27. Who is your ultimate icon? "Bowie."

28. What do you do to stay in shape? ”I hate exercise and sports, often mistaking a pulse for a panick attack.”

29. Do you believe in love? ”When I say I'm in love, you best believe I'm in LOVE, L.U.V.”

30. Who is your favourite on Instagram? ”@Djfattony and @Daddyissues have some pretty hilarious memes.”

See Hayett in the beautiful coverstory ”Free Spirit” in STYLEBY #41 photographed by Jesse John Jenkins and styled by Camilla Pole.