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5 Fashionable Women About their Favourite Sustainable Brand

STYLEBY knows that going green and looking good go hand in hand. Five women in fashion share their favourite eco-friendly brands.


Sofia Nilsson, Model

”The Swedish supermarket brand, Garant is genius for selling organic products in nice packaging. Sometimes it is even cheaper than the other brands. I highly recommend this brand. In terms of fashion, Vêtements jeans are recycled from two pairs of vintage jeans, a great way to contribute to sustainable fashion.”

Stella McCartney, Now Then.Stella McCartney, Now Then.Stella McCartney, Now Then.
Stella McCartney, Now Then.

Alina Brane, Women’s wear designer, Gant Rugger

"An obvious but important brand to mention is Stella McCartney. Since their launch in 2001 she has worked towards making her company as sustainable as possible, never compromising her aesthetics. Building her company values on responsibility and honesty, she claims that modernity simply can't exist without considering the future of the planet. To me, Stella is a true role model for all of us, as consumers, but especially within the business, making us realize that every small bit helps and we all can contribute with something.

“Likewise, Gant believes in taking responsibility, carefully picking what suppliers to work with and what fibers to use, but most of all producing timeless pieces in premium quality that last over time. For us it is about giving the consumer the opportunity to invest in a style rather than producing disposable fast fashion.”

Alba Galocha, Model

“I’ve just discovered a new Spanish swimwear brand-Now Then. The fabrics are recycled from fishnets and waste that organizations remove from the sea. This material contaminated our oceans and gets transformed into thread, which is used to create swimwear. The fabrics typically used in sports and swimwear are plastics that come from oil. They are the most pollutant fabrics. Since they’re plastic, it’s easy to reuse them. With this initiative the oceans get clean and we can avoid using more oil. Their wetsuits are made with clean fabric too. Instead of oil, it’s made out of limestone in ateliers in Barcelona and it is limited.”

Made, Leonor Greyl.Made, Leonor Greyl.Made, Leonor Greyl.
Made, Leonor Greyl.

Camilla Pole, Stylist

“I highly recommend the UK based jewelry initiative Made. It teaches men and woman in Kenya artisan jewelry making, offering long-term employment. They use ethical materials and collaborate with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Topshop and Edun. A great initiative!”

Alexandra Golovanoff, Actress

“In Paris we tend to go for organic beauty brands since we have a lot of great ones like Melvita, Bio Nuxe and Weleda. Weleda has the ultimate skincare products and the brand values sustainability. Another good example is the French hair brand Leonor Greyl, which uses plants and natural ingredients. In fashion, we know about H&M’s yearly collection. I think, it is a good initiative. Even if it’s small compared to the numerous non-organic collections they produce every year, it’s a good start!”