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5 Fashionable Women Dish on Their Best Vintage Finds

Vintage shopping: help save the planet and up your style game on a dime!

Coveted wardrobe treasures often come from thrifting, vintage boutiques and second hand stores, all of which, we love! They are a great way to save money, while more importantly, contributing to a more sustainable society. Five inspiring women share their best re-used recommendations and favorite pieces for a little vintage inspiration!

Phoebe Tonkin, actress: The white dress

“This white dress was my mum’s when she was my age. My little sister and I used to wear it as a fairy costume when we were younger so it became yellow from years in the dress-up box. But when I was fourteen I realized I was sitting on a hidden treasure and got it bleached back to its original white. Now it's my favorite summer dress.”

Stylish recommendation: “Remember that you can bleach a garment or give it a new colour to update it!”

Jonna Bergh, Editor-in-Chief at STYLEBY: Céline bag

”I had such a problem finding the perfect handbag that was bigger than a party bag and smaller than a work bag. I wanted a bag to pop out for some shopping with or run errands. When going through the selection out in stores I just couldn´t find a style that captured my heart and was within my budget. One Céline bag came the closest, but I didn’t want to put down that kind of money, since I don’t typically use handbags that size. I started browsing vintage sites and in the end I found the perfect Céline bag. It was from an era when Céline wasn’t cool at all – one that totally felt like me. It swallows a lot more than it looks like it can. It’s one bag on the outside – but three bags on the inside! A total catch, and it´s the kind of bag that makes other women, total strangers, come up to me and ask about it. I love it.”

Stylish recommendation: “I always found leather with patina looks better than when it’s new. It’s also, so much cheaper!”

Kim Jones, Pr Manager at House of Dagmar: Dior set

“These vintage Dior bloomers are a matching set bought at a thrift store by my best friend, Carmen Rose, to wear together when we shared an apartment in college. They are part of a larger collection of vintage robes, nightgowns and lingerie sets that I have collected over the last decade, sourced from California thrift stores and specific eBay searches for “vintage Dior lingerie”.

Stylish recommendation: “Always visit thrift stores in middle of nowhere, deserted towns.”

Ulrika Lundgren, founder of Rika and Rika Magazine: Levi’s 501’s

“My wardrobe is full of Levi’s vintage 501s. I always wear them with shirts from Rika. I found a special pair in a vintage store in Paris. They’re blue, high waisted, flared jeans with an orange tag- super sexy and elegant for only 25 euros.”

Stylish recommendation: “It’s fun to design your own pair of blue jeans out of vintage samples to make them your own!”

Mikaela Hållén, Stylist: Mom’s top

“This top was bought in Valencia in 1983. It was my mom's and is one of many treasures she has given me. The best part is that she has images of herself and her friends wearing them – they look like the coolest girls ever. I think the best vintage clothes are the ones you get from someone you know and love. There’s a lot of great websites for vintage shopping right now too.”

Stylish recommendation: “My favorite vintage stores online are Vestiaire, Resee and Tradera Trend.”