Ser sidan konstig ut?

Din skärm är smalare än innehållet på denna sida. Vill du visa damernasvarld i ett bättre anpassat format?


8 Models School us on How to Dress for Midsummer

Midsummer Eve is near and dear to us Swedes – we usually wear romantic dresses and always put flowers in our hair. But this year we’re upgrading Midsummer style with a more modern approach.

WHITE TOP AND JEANS This perfect pair was made for outdoor fun, it’s not too casual but not dressed up either. We’re loving it for any occasion –now if the jeans happen to be Levi’s 501 it´s nearly perfection.

DARE TO BARE If shying away from a romantic classic like lace proves difficult – give it a twist with a bold statement and make underwear a part of your outfit. Combine it with a sheer covered top, like a turtleneck. This easy upgrade turns a Midsummer classic into something brave and beautiful!

STATEMENT JACKET Sweden is chilly, especially on June nights. While the sun may be shining all night long temperatures drop. We like spend the entire night sitting outside with friends and family so bring a statement jacket to stay warm. Look for one that can be worn over your dress or casually on its own. Bold outerwear when paired with jeans, a cool top and beautiful jewelry is always on point.

ALTERNATIVE WHITE If you don’t want to stray from Midsummer’s iconic white palette go for a more contemporary look. Reach for trousers and an elegant top. Bonus: it will keep you warmer than a dress.

A COOL UMBRELLA Why does it always rain on Midsummer? It’s going to happen so be prepared and make sure to bring a stylish umbrella – it will be your most important accessory of the day!

MINIMALISTIC DRESS AND SNEAKERS It’s a flawless Midsummer look from head to toe. Start with a simple minimal dress, tie a sweater around your waist for later and throw on your favourite sneakers. It’s stylish yet comfortable enough to dance around the May pole and play games. Best of all, you’ll have something warm to throw on later.

… AND ONE MORE Swedish beauty, Hedvig Palm had the same great idea as Kirstin. A basic modern dress with sneakers is clearly a winning combo tomorrow. Extra like for the lovely color!

THE SLIP Well it is the summer of the slip dress – right? Hanne Gaby Odiele's vintage find is a very trendy choice for all you girls jonesing for a romantic look. We’re especially digging the current feeling that Hanne’s dress exudes— it’s way trendier than a traditional dress.