Ser sidan konstig ut?

Din skärm är smalare än innehållet på denna sida. Vill du visa damernasvarld i ett bättre anpassat format?


A Magic Night With Rodebjer and STYLEBY

To celebrate the launch of our readers were invited to Rodebjer’s newly opened flagship store at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm. What a night!

”Rodebjer and STYLEBY have a lot in common”, said Editor-in-Chief Jonna Bergh when she welcomed the guests to the event. ”Both brands speak to women about fashion in similar way –  we think fashion is a way of showing the world who we are, and what we want to be. It’s something to take seriously, but at the same time something to have a lot of fun with.”

Jonna told the crowd about the exciting times both brands are facing.

”Both Rodebjer and STYELBY are growing and expanding right now, and there’s such an energy surrounding the brands – it’s very exciting!”

The guests agreed and took the 30 procent discount very seriously as well as the great food and the wine. A fabulous evening!

STYLEBY wants to thank Rodebjer for sharing this special evening with us.

Photo Weronika Bela