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Great Looking Women on the Buy That Changed their Style

Sometimes it happens: you buy something that takes your style in a whole new direction. We call these pivotal pieces Stylechangers. We asked some of STYLEBY’s friends tell us about their game changing garments.

Amanda Schulman, pod superstar and media personality

STYLECHANGER: The weird blouse

“I have always loved weird tops, but it took a while before I had the guts to go all in. It was my sister who told me that I was the one of us who was easiest to buy clothes for. Just look for a blouse that is weird in some way with a strange detail, an arm, a collar, a bow or an out there colour. They scream Amanda! When that became clear to me I understood my style even more. I´ll wear them with neutral bottoms and great looking shoes. Below the waist I don´t go for weird stuff!”

FERNANDA PALMEIRO, Head of Global Pr at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

STYLE CHANGER: The black denim, high-waist Tube Cash jeans from Acne.

“I’ve got so much love for these jeans that I don’t even know where to start. Not only have they marked my transition away from the low-low-cut jeans trend of the early 00’s – they have also kept me off the cookies and on the yoga matt for a decade now. Because – with non-stretch high waisted jeans like these, there is simply no way around it. If they don’t fit. You just can’t breathe. This year I am celebrating my ten-year anniversary with this true companion, and it is probably my most treasured garment today. Throughout the years, they’ve taught me so much. To accentuate my female curves, to be proud of what my mama gave me – and to invest in a good pair of quality jeans that can last for a decade or more.”

Camilla Åstrand, runs STYLEBY Beauty Podcast together with Anja Skeppe Grahn and also pr-manager at Gant

STYLECHANGER: The book ”How to be Parisian: Love, style and bad habits”

“When first hearing about this book on Caroline de Maigret’s social media, I was a bit hesitant, as I’m generally against style guides that tell women what’s appropriate to wear. Out of pure curiosity I ordered it as soon as it came out and read it in three hours, actually both laughing and crying. I could really identify with the very sensitive, strong yet far from perfect woman described, especially style wise but unfortunately bad habit wise as well. I have always loved a very classic and almost masculine look. I feel most comfortable in a pair of black slacks, black and white Chanel ballerinas and bag and the perfect white t-shirt, paired with a leather jacket. It has made me feel like I have boring style. I’ve often bought colourful more trendy stuff that made feel uncomfortable and messed up my style. ”

Funda Christophersen, founder of blog By Funda 

STYLECHANGER: Céline pumps

“My style has changed a lot during the years, from all black and classic with Chanel pieces to bohemian with a lot of Isabel Marant. During the fall of 2014 I started falling more and more for clean and minimalistic style, which felt natural living in Scandinavia. I changed my wardrobe to neutral shades and added cool and simple statement pieces like my first pair of white Céline pumps! They work so well with any outfit! Since then I have added a whole bunch of Céline shoes to my wardrobe, but the white pumps are still one of my favorites.”