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PR Manager Nor Toma: Urban Harmonized Style

Swedish power woman, urban collector and travel enthusiast, Nor Toma works as International PR & Marketing Manager for the Danish brand Samsøe & Samsøe. She’s obsessed with dreamy fabrics and an effortless fit. Step inside this globetrotter’s wardrobe with STYLEBY.

Foto: Copyright: Anne Mie Dreves 2016

STYLE “Down-to-earth and serene. I am quite a high-powered and enthusiastic character, and this is harmonized with soft textures alongside dreamy and tactile fabrics that drape the body in an easy-going, yet sensuous way. I suppose it some kind of yin yang combination.”

FAVORITE DESIGNER “I’m impressed by the gorgeous tailoring of Swedish brands like Ann Ringstrand who founded Hope, Filippa Knutsson and Carin Rodebjer. They choose with meticulous care and then bravely stay behind their decisions without turning their sales to the wind. Their expression is sophisticated yet comfortable. I love the soft feeling of their fine textiles– three inspiring and rock solid women who I’m proud to wear.”

EVERYDAY “A white silk shirt with a couple of buttons open, delicate and lacy lingerie and proper selvedge denim in indigo blue. Or I go for a red spaghetti-strap singlet with black jeans and a suede wayfind jacket.”

PARTY LOOK “I’ve never been one to put on a glittering skirt on my way out into the sunset. I dress like I do during the daytime, only with more skin and eyes in the game, accompanied by an evening scent.”

JEANS “My latest darling pair of jeans is from the talented team at &Other Stories. They are genuine denim in light blue and cropped at the ankle – a dreamy combination of chic yet effortless, with a relaxed fit. I obviously live in these.”

BAG “My A.P.C. half-moon bag in black calf leather that I got in the Marais in Paris. It is great for work and swallows everything while looking legit.”

JEWELRY “The subtle lucky charm tattoos on my fingers, they’re totems drawn for guardianship and good luck. My other hidden and carefully selected accessories are often made of turquoise or amber that I’ve come across on my travels. I also have blessed red lucky charms and a delicate necklet from my parents.”

SHOES “My red, vintage, old school classic Vans get better and better each year. The heels I wear are always chunky, or I go for rubber soles as I move a lot and find it more feminine to stand strong.”

LUGGAGE  “I’m such an efficient traveler now. I’ve been commuting to more or less the entire world for as long as I can remember. I get through airport security in fifteen seconds, placing my laptop, beauty products, jewelry, coat and shoes all in neat little piles. I usually squeeze everything into a carry on bag today. I can’t stand to go overseas with luggage that disappeared somewhere in Europe.”

INSPIRATION “People who live confidently and untroubled. It can be a musician with a washed-out band t-shirt and dirty hair, or a charismatic barista in a darling vintage find. People who exude real life with a get-up-and-go way of being have always been the apple of my eye.”

BEST STYLING ADVICE “Stay away from putting on an outfit that you’re not comfortable in. Get inspired and dress to compliment your personality. Don’t copy and paste someone else’s concept, it will likely turn into a flat expression – you’re more interesting than that! And don’t listen to judgmental people, they’re boring.”

MOST USED “My Fjällräven backpack, it’s insane how durable it is! It still hasn’t broken a single bit after all the years of rough treatment.”

BEST BUY “Premium account on Spotify, haha! I live for music, and it’s such an upgrade to be able to stream what tunes I want without trying to find it on Soundcloud or Pitchfork first.”

RECENT BUY “A pair of oversized and boxy-framed eyewear from Acne Studios. They cover my entire face, they’re hilarious.”

NEXT BUY “I am overly excited for all the gorgeous, beautifully tailored pieces from the Samsøe & Samsøe AW16 collection. It includes silk, hand knits, yak ox wool, Japanese shirt fabric, cashmere and alpaca to name a few.”

NEVER EVER “Closing doors could mean the loss of fun that one hasn’t imagined. I’m a visionary and have a positive way of being. Saying never doesn’t really go with this mantra. Yet, visible bra straps and self-sewn ends on jeans make me panic.”

ALWAYS MISSING “The perfect white shirt.”

CLOSET TO RAID “Levi Strauss’ in his early years. He founded Levi Strauss & Co. Imagine raiding his old school, dry goods wholesale business in California.”

BEAUTY “Anything by the chief storyteller Obi Kaufmann of Juniper Ridge. He goes to the northern mountains of the U.S., harvests wild plants and distills natural fragrances on site. I always dream of joining his trails when I come across the products.”

BEAUTY BUY  “The Aesop Violet Leaf Hair Balm, and the sleep aid kits that you get at the ACE Hotel and The Standard. I clearly have a weakness for the scent of lavender.”

SENT “Blanche by Byredo.”

BEAUTY ADVICE “You attract what you radiate. Try to exude curiosity and happiness, and notice how this blissfully magnetizes inspirational people on your behalf.”

READY IN FIVE MINUTES “Sensual underwear, eye cream and a scented hair oil. If the base is good the rest usually doesn’t really matter.”

MUSIC “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Seattle-based Sub Pop Record label, which houses incredible bands like Beach House, Goat, Kurt Vile, Fleet Foxes and more. I’m also a frequent visitor at music platforms such as Pitchfork and Soundcloud, in order to get my daily music news.”

AUTHOR “There is a pile of books written by my favourite philosophers by my bed, one of them is the fascinating speaker Alan Watts. He lived in a houseboat community in Sausalito, California.”

NIGHTLIFE  “I’m a champagne connoisseur. Unfortunately, the ambience in champagne bars is usually pretty half-baked, so you’ll find me in a shabby old bodega with a beer in my hand if you’re looking for me in Copenhagen.”

BEST CITY “After spending some time in darling cities like Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Seoul, I must say that home is where the heart is. And my heart is in the charismatic and lovable town of Gothenburg.”

BEST STORE “The boutique and art space Oroboro in Williamsburg, New York. Dedicated to supporting authentic creative expression, sustainability and individual integrity, they stock an absolutely adorable range of selected interior, as well as a small-scale collection of beautifully tailored key pieces from labels like Creatures of Comfort. The store is an inspiration to visit. I bought my handmade ceramic coffee dripper, skew vases in pastel dip-dye colours and handcrafted shibori textiles there.”

INTERIOR “Eclectic, wholehearted and with collected gemstones from all across the world.”

HOME “The seashell I found at the hard-to-get-to and almost deserted Andaman Islands.”

INTERIOR ADVICE “You don’t always have to buy something new to capture the sense of memory from traveling. There is a ton of unconventional beauty to be found.”

3 NEXT BUYS “Staghorn fern, Moroccan cactus silk pillows and an herbier frame.”

DREAM PURCHASE “A mantelpiece filled with several white Maison Margiela bottle lamps in various sizes.”

Photo Anne Mie Dreves