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Meet Swedish Olympic Superstar Sarah Sjöström!

We met up with Sweden's most glowing Olympian swim star Sarah Sjöström for a quick chat about style, beauty and of course her goals for the 2016 Brazil Olympics!

Sweden’s best shot at a (gold) medal in the Olympic Games is definitely Sarah Sjöström. The Swedish super talent and competitive swimmer currently holds the world record in the fifty-meter butterfly, one-hundred-meter butterfly and two-hundred-meter freestyle strokes. Here – a chat about style, beauty and of course her goals for the 2016 Brazil Olympics!

Sarah is sport ambassador for H&M and winner of the Swedish price ”Best Female Athlete 2016”.

Describe your style?  “Since I’m always training I need to wear comfortable clothes; I guess I have sporty yet elegant style. I like that combination.”

Do you find beauty important?  “Hard question, it means a lot to me! But I’m not able to do a lot since I jump into the water early in the morning and again in the afternoon, I pretty much spend my days in the swimming pool. So it’s rare that I even put make up on, and if I do I tend to go for false lashes to make it as easy as possible. For special occasions I usually go to a makeup artist, otherwise I go for simple.”

What’s your trick for a clothing crisis? “Jeans, t-shirt, a stylish watch and maybe even a nice pair of sneakers.”

What are you most looking forward to at the Olympic games? “Competing! I have been looking forward to this for a long time now- and I have been having a blast on the way, but now I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome.”

What’s your goal? “To be in my best shape ever. I have a good chance to compete for medals in several spacers. I have one good gold chance and I will take the chance when I'm there. Hopefully it goes all the way.”

So how many medals will you be competing for? “I have a very good chance at a medal in the one-hundred-meter butterfly. Then I have three chances to win medals at distance, which is difficult to get to the finals on.”