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Top Outfits by the “Max Martin Girls”

Super producer Max Martin have received the 2016 Polar Music Prize from the hands of His Majesty, the King. STYLEBY's, Editor-in-Chief, Jonna Bergh, remembers her favourite looks from the “Max Martin Girls”.

1. Britney Spears' shiny red catsuit in Oops I did it again

“This truly is pure pop perfection. I actually remember when I saw that video for the first time – I almost fainted. Since then all things red and shiny have been on my shopping list. Britney's styling is perfect and her hair, which was so hot at that time, pairs seamlessly with her outfit. The makeup is great and it was a good video too. When red is on point it’s almost unbeatable – remember Michael Jackson’s red leather jacket in Thriller? Another total pop classic. But back to Brit –this is my all-time favourite outfit on her. I kind of dig the panties over the pants thing she had going on in Toxic – but that red catsuit is the best without a doubt.”

2. Taylor Swift goes rock chic in Vogue May 2016

“I've always had a soft spot for Taylor Swift. Her style is just one of her attributes that I’m crushing on. I find her super cute and she pulls off flawless hair no matter what style she’s sporting. Taylor seems like a strong woman, a self-aware feminist and obviously she’s a terrific song writer. What’s not to like? I don't think she ́s ever done a bad magazine cover. But when the latest Vogue cover dropped I was blown away. I have never seen her look so good, so cool and so beautiful with attitude for miles. I love every outfit in the story and she carries them so well. Who would have thought that Tay could pull off Vetements like that? She never fails to surprise me!”

3. Ellie Goulding gets street for Nike

“I'm not one to turn down a good logo, no, no. I love mixing sporty pieces into my wardrobe, it always looks fresh. This season the streetwear trend is major, which, gives it an even more of a contemporary feeling. I love Ellie's outfit; it looks great on her. I’m all about how she is going sportier and less golden girl – and it suits her sound as well.”

4. Adele sparkled at the Brit Awards in 2016

“Adele is always well dressed. She's very prim and proper and often in black. But sometimes I find that she dresses a bit older than her age –she’s still so young. I don’t think she’s ever worn anything as fabulous as the sequins Valentino shift dress she donned to perform, When We Were Young, at the Brit Awards earlier this year. The dress was young, fun and very fashionable. It fit her like a glove. I am longing to see her in a custom piece by Jonathan Anderson in the near future. Something arty, classy and totally fantastic.”

5. Katy Perry shows some claws on her Roar cover

“Maybe you're surprised that I’m into this jacket since Katy has so many crazy looks in her book. But that’s just it – crazy outfits are not my thing. I hate when clothes look like costumes, I don't find them inspiring. But her look on this cover is really strong. Those shiny jackets with tigers on them are so trendy right now – I wouldn’t mind owning one. And her hair is super cool.”

6. Robyn's all around style

“I must say, Robyn is one stylish Swede! I’ve never seen her in a bad outfit. Her personal style is on point. She's brave, individual and badass. Robyn has so many strong outfits to choose from. I really like this simple white look with her mullet and trademark chunky shoes. This pic is from a great shoot for the magazine, the gentlewoman, but she's wearing her stage clothes and personal jewellery. It's gorgeous! If she'd only thrown on the silver puffer from her breakthrough year, I'd be in style heaven.”