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Veronica Maggio on Her Power as a Performer

On Saturday she's playing the Bråvalla festival in Sweden – read about her tricks for making the most out of every show.

What do you think your strength is as a performer?

”Tough question. I think there are several things. I've got a great band that plays everything without using tracks. The songs are suited to be played live and my ambition is to hold the audience in my hands for the whole gig. I try not to let the vibe fade during gigs. At least I try!”

Your song, ”Jag Kommer” is the most played song on Spotify. What does that feel like?

”I never think about it if unless somebody speaks about it. When I play in front of a big festival audience it strikes me sometimes. It feels magical on those occasions.”

If your albums were your friends what kind of friends would they be?

”What a funny question! I'll go through them all then! ’Vatten och bröd’ – a bit of a shy childhood friend that I've sort of outgrown but still love maybe from a distance if I could choose. ’Och vinnaren är’ – a friend you were roommates with a long time ago. An intense friend that I thought that I would be best friends with forever. Someone really funny, but maybe a bit shallower than what I had hoped for. ’Satan i gatan’ – a great and close friend. Someone you love to be with both in your everyday life and when there´s a party. Somebody who listens to you and who understands everything. ’Handen i fickan’ – a messy and trashy friend who's a bit angry and has fun and bad ideas, but in a good way! ’Den första är alltid gratis’ – a friend that always sees through me, and doesn´t fall for lies. You can travel with her, go to festivals with her, or even get a little bored together.”

How do you feel being a 30 something compares with a 20 something?

"Life is a bit less about me. I’m more efficient and I expect more of myself in my relationships. I take more responsibility. In other words, I’ve become a better person. But I’m a bit pickier as well—today I know what I want.“

When we shot you for STYLEBY's first issue ever your style reference was Debbie Harry. Is she still your inspiration?

”Yes. She´s the boss. I always want to be Debbie.”

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Veronica wears a top by H&M, jeans by Levi’s, necklace by Efva Attling, earrings by Jane König, rings by Engelbert and Sophie Gyllenhammar.

Photo Sascha Oda/Shotview Photographers Mngt

Stylist Linn Hägglund

Makeup Jeanette Törnqvist/Lundlund

Hair Eric Jamieson/Lundlund