Ser sidan konstig ut?

Din skärm är smalare än innehållet på denna sida. Vill du visa damernasvarld i ett bättre anpassat format?


Best Advice for Shopping and Selling Online by The Woman Who Knows

Fanny Moizant is one smart shopper. The co-founder of chic designer resale site Vestiaire Collective, lives by the shopping mantra ‘one in, one out’. Fanny opened up about her style and how to vintage-shop like a professional.

What type of costumer are you? “I’m definitely what you could call a smart shopper; I have a one in, one out rule for my wardrobe. If I buy something new I have to sell something I don’t wear anymore to offset the cost.”

Describe your style? “Less is more!”

What tricks do you use for vintage shopping? “I use the ‘create an alert’ button on Vestiaire Collective. It’s so useful, rather than spending ages sifting through the site searching for items I’m looking for, the alert function will let me know as soon as the item comes on the site. You can set the alert to come through on your email or text message. This way you pick it up straight away and don’t miss the item.”

What is the best way to get an item sold? “The condition of an item is key to a quick sale, so always make sure to look after your pieces, keep them in protective storage like dust bags or the original boxes. Also don’t hold on to an item for too long, on average the interest in a piece will reduce after three seasons so it’s important to choose the right time to sell.  Also it’s important to make sure you advertise the piece well on the site, take clear photos and include an in depth description.”

How often do you sell? “I sell almost every week, I love buying new pieces so on the other side I’ve also become addicted to selling, I always need more room in my wardrobe.”

Most worn item? “My navy Chanel bag with pom poms, I love that it’s a classic piece with a cool twist, perfect to lift any outfit.”

What’s your next buy? “A vintage Kelly bag in dark green or navy.”

Is there anything you regret not buying? “A pair of Céline brogues.”

Favourite designer brands? “Gianvito Rossi is my addiction when it comes to shoes, I love the clean design but they’re also really comfortable. They can take me from morning to evening. I love Céline for cashmere jumpers and Charvet is my go to brand for shirts.”

Where do you find inspiration? “I’m quite addicted to Instagram right now so it’s become my biggest source of style inspiration.”