Ser sidan konstig ut?

Din skärm är smalare än innehållet på denna sida. Vill du visa damernasvarld i ett bättre anpassat format?


Italienska Vogue-redaktören Georgia Tals wow-garderob!

Georgia är från Grekland, men har bott i Milano i över tio år. Utöver att arbeta som stylist och moderedaktör för Vogue Italia så tar hon del av det mesta modevärlden har att erbjuda!

Lästips: Se Georgias höjdpunkter från Milanos höstmodevecka här!

Jacket from Blazé Milano, shirt from Aquillano Rimondi, jeans from Levi’s and shoes from Tommy Hilfiger.

STYLE “I love colour combinations, I’m no big fan of black. Shoes are my thing; I think they make the whole outfit.”

FAVOURITE DESIGNER “I like Jonathan Andersson’s designs for both his own brand, J.W. Andersson, and Loewe. His interpretation of shapes and materials are unique. I’m very fascinated with what he’s accomplished at the Spanish design house, Loewe. The last J.W. Andersson collection was magical.”

EVERYDAY STYLE “I wear a lot of silk shirts, in colours and prints. I pair them with cropped jeans or a mini skirt and playful shoes. To complete my look, I’ll wear a tailored jacket or bomber jacket.”

PARTY STYLE “Silk shirt, skirt and high heels. Sometimes I’ll put on a dark red lipstick, and lately I’ve developed a fascination with fishnet stockings. If I wear jewelry, it’s either earrings or rings.”

SHOES “I really can’t pick a favourite pair. It depends completely on my mood or the occasion."

JEANS “I’ve started to cut some of my wide jeans. It feels modern and goes with all kinds of shoes.”

BAG “My black Céline – it goes with everything.”

JEWELRY “I always mix gold with silver. I love to find new jewelry designers – there are so many new talents! Ina Beissner, Jiwinaia, B-Tal Jewelry and Atelier VM, to name a few.”

TRAVEL LUGGAGE “I usually pack my Nike bag, it’s the perfect size hand luggage and the material is very resistant.”

INSPIRATION “Everything! Exhibitions, movies, an artist I recently discovered, vintage magazines – everything can be inspirational!”

STYLE ADVICE “I never think you should feel overdressed – you couldn’t possibly be. The most important thing is to feel good and be comfortable in your style.”

STARTLING ITEM “I love my blue fur from Bottega Veneta, it gets a lot of attention.”

BEST BUY “My Adidas Stan Smiths. They’re so comfortable, and go with both jeans and dresses. They make my outfit look cool and casual.”

LAST BUY “A fur from Nike Lab x Sacai! I’m obsessed with that collection; I’ve bought five things from it. I love the silhouettes and combinations.”

NEXT BUY “Sandals from Gucci. Everyone has them, but I just can’t resist them.”

MOST WORN “Black shoes from Toga Pulla, they’re comfortable and look good with everything. It’s important that you have at least one pair of comfortable shoes in your possession.”

I WOULD NEVER WEAR “I often say this, but then I end up wearing that after a couple of seasons anyway. So, today I never say never.”

MY WARDROBE LACKS… “Belts! I never remember to buy them, but it would be useful to have one in my wardrobe.”

SKINCARE “I always make sure to cleanse and moisturize my face. I use caring products for my hair but I don’t wear much makeup.”

BEST BEAUTY BUY “Body oil from Weleda, it does wonders! Generally, I’m a fan of ecological products that I can buy at the pharmacy.”

SIGNATURE SCENT “Byredo Pulp. I bought it a couple of months ago at Colette in Paris and I’ve worn it ever since.”

READY IN FIVE “Face cream, jewelry and my daily uniform – I’m ready in under five minutes.”

WELLNESS “I do Pilates as much as I can, and I try not to eat too much junk food or meat. I drink a lot of water and green tea.”

MUSIC “Techno or 70s music.”

READ “Everything by Alejandro Jodorowsky – I love his wonder and way of thinking.”

ART “Ettore Sottsass – an Italian artist that lightens up everything!”

NIGHTLIFE “The food in Milan is fantastic – they serve the best from Italy, so there’s a lot of dinners with friends.”

FAVOURITE CITY “New York, I love the energy. The feeling that anything is possible makes it the best city in the world. I will move there one day, I’m sure of it.”

FAVOURITE STORE “10 Corso Como in Milan, they’ve got best selection – trendy magazines, beautiful books, select clothing and accessories, the latest beauty, a café and restaurant.”

INTERIOR “I like it comfy which I accomplish through classic furniture, coloured walls, printed wallpaper and lots of plants – it creates the retro feel I want.”

INTERIOR TIP “Let each room have its own colour.”

NEXT INTERIOR INVESTMENT “I dream about a lot of things, for example a very comfortable red sofa, new wallpaper and chairs for my dining table.”

Lästips: Se Georgias höjdpunkter från Milanos höstmodevecka här!

By Anja Skeppe Grahn & Elina Grothén

Photo Piotr Niepsuj