Ser sidan konstig ut?

Din skärm är smalare än innehållet på denna sida. Vill du visa damernasvarld i ett bättre anpassat format?

Foto: Pauline Suzor

Stylist Naomi Itkes

Naomi Itkes is one of Sweden’s best stylists who regularly contributes to Purple and STYLEBY. This fashion insider thinks style is like a horoscope read on to learn why.

STYLE "Prada takes acid and goes to the gym. I believe that’s the only way to describe my style."

FAVOURITE DESIGNER "Ann-Sofie Back, Phoebe Philo (Céline), Miuccia Prada, Rei Kawakubo (Comme De Garçons), Hope, Carin Rodebjer, Nicolas Ghesquière (Louis Vuitton), the real Yves Saint Laurent and Sleeve Nation by my buddies Mimi Xiu and Stina the Man."

JEWELRY "I use vintage jewelry, which I inherited."

SHOES "Eytys, with no competition! I’m incredibly impressed with Jonathan and Max behind the brand, of their creativity and business skills. Eytys makes by far, the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever walked in."

IN MY BAG "Nothing fancy. I dream of being very consistent and organized when it comes to fashion and things. I like when things are in the same colour scale and have similar shapes."

EVERYDAY OUTFIT "Suit pants and negligee".

PARTY LOOK "I leave that up to other people."

BAGS "I like small, smart handbags – Prada are experts on that. And there’s nothing bad with old fabric bags. I prefer the protest march look to the clean cut."

STYLE TIP "Put your heart in it and make an effort!’ I like people who manages to create a style from a lot of different references. The stylist Nicole Walker knows it well, Robyn is another. Natacha Ramsay-Levi who bosses over the Nicolas Ghesquières studio at Louis Vuitton is a third and Louise Sondlo (founder of SPR Athletic) is a fourth. The illustrator Liselotte Watkins is a fifth."

CANT GET ENOUGH OF "Prada. There is a curiosity and actuality in that brand that I really love, it drives the collections and consumers like me. And, just like all other women I can’t get enough of Céline."

JEANS "Look good but not on me."


READY IN 5 MINUTES "I only wear lipstick. It never takes five minutes."

LAST BUY "Gifts for my family, I’ve just been travelling."

NEXT BUY "I’ve been a stylist for too long to plan my purchases, but I’m incredibly selective. Store tourism is a waste of my time."

BEAUTY "I trust my skin therapist at by Denni with my life. I do what I’m told."

MY WARDROBE LACKS... "There’s always something you need. I have a wardrobe that’s inscrutable."

WANTED WARDROBE "Miuccia Prada."

MOST WORN ITEM "Old woman style negligées, as my stylist friend Robert Rydberg calls them."

BEST BUY "A manicure by Caroline at N&G Nails in Stockholm."

SCENT "I don’t use perfume. I use different kinds of body oils."

BEAUTY ADVICE "Sleep more. But that’s more like a wish."

WELLNESS "I do Pilates at Stockholm Pilates Centrum, it’s the perfect non-cool place."

Jacket from my collaboration with Björn Borg. Pants and shoes from Prada.Jacket from my collaboration with Björn Borg. Pants and shoes from Prada.Jacket from my collaboration with Björn Borg. Pants and shoes from Prada.
Jacket from my collaboration with Björn Borg. Pants and shoes from Prada.

READ "Right now I’m reading Svetlana Aleksijevitj, everyone should."

ART "Carsten Höller!"

Photo Pauline Suzor